Premium Pool Cleaning, Maintenance, & Repair

PoolDocx offers Premium Weekly Pool Maintenance and Chemical Only Service in Dickinson, Santa Fe, Texas City, League City, Clear Lake and the surrounding areas.

Products & Services

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Premium Weekly Pool Maintenance Service $279 + Tax / Month

LIMITED TIME OFFER $245 + Tax / Month

Equipment Repair

PoolDocx offers full service equipment repairs and upgrades. Let our trained and licensed technicians handle all of your repair needs.

Automated Pool Cleaner Repair

PoolDocx offers adjustment and repair service for your Polaris pool cleaner.

Backwash Valves

PoolDocx PCC-R certified technicians will help you diagnose any problems with your Backwash valve.

Valves & Plumbing

PoolDocx offers repair and replacement of all above ground PVC related valves and plumbing.

Filter Cleaning

PoolDocx recommends that your filters are cleaned at a minimum of every 6 months.

Free Pool Consult

Call us to schedule a free consult and water test!

A beautiful pool starts at the filters. With our Premium Weekly Pool Maintenance we include up to 2 filter cleanings per year!

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