PoolPro 50 Point Inspection


PoolDocx offers our PoolPro 50 Point Inspection. One of our PCC-R certified technicians will come out and complete a full system inspection, diagnoses, and report. Our goal is to diagnose any existing problems and identify key areas that need to be addressed in the near future.

Buying a home with a pool? This is the perfect service to supplement your Home Inspection. Most home inspectors aren’t experts when it comes to pools, and while they may give you a basic report (usually at an additional fee), it won’t be as in depth as our PoolPro 50 Point Inspection.


For $90 PoolDocx PoolPro 50 Point Inspection Includes:


• Check for Visible leaks
• UV degradation

Diversion & Isolation Valves

• Verify valves move smoothly through operation
• Check for signs of leaking
• Check for UV degradation

Check Valves

• Verify that check valves are in place working properly

Main & Secondary Pool Pumps

• Verify pumps primes
• Verify pumps run smoothly with no excess noise or vibration

Pump Baskets

• Check pump baskets for cracks or damage
• Check Seal on basket lid

Booster Pump

• Verify that pump is functioning with no excess noise or vibration
• Check pump for leaks
• Verify booster pump timer is set to be on only when pool pump is running

Spa Blower

• Turn on blower and verify that sufficient is air is flowing to the spa jets
• Check for damage and leaks
• Verify that backflow check valve is in place

UV & Ozone Systems

• Check for leaks, verify system powers on correctly, visual check of light


• Visual leak check
• Verify filter pressure is not too low (Indicates damaged filter or internal connections)
• Verify filter pressure is not too high (Indicates clogged passages or dirty filter)

Pool Heater

• Visual inspection to check damage from corrosion and rodents
• Verify that the heater powers on and begins heating when command is sent

In-Line Chlorine Feeder

• Visual check for leaks
• Check lid opens and seals correctly

Salt Generator

• Check for leaks
• Check that the system is powered on and functioning

Timer Relays

• Verify that the relays can be manually triggered
• Verify the timer motors are running
• Verify set points are properly tightened

Electrical System

• Verify that all components are properly bonded
• Verify condition of conduit
• Verify correct connectors and adapters are in place on conduit
• Verify that all safety covers are present where needed
• Verify that all automation relays are actuating
• Verify that all sensors are functioning
• Verify that all actuators are turning smoothly
• Verify placement of GFCI to meet NEC Code
• Verify GFCI functions as intended

Pool Cleaner

• Visual inspection of cleaner for damaged wheels or bag
• Verify cleaner runs when booster pump is on


• Visual check to determine if lights are working


• Verify that baskets are in good condition
• Verify lids are in place and secure

Fountains & Water Effects

• Verify that fountains & water effects function properly

Main Drains

• Verify that covers are in place
• Verify that there are at least 2 drains per line

Spa Side Controls

• Verify that all spa side controls work

Tile, Coping, & Plaster/Liners

• Verify that all tile, coping, and plaster is in good condition. Make note of damage

Complete 13 Point Water Test

• Tests the water and reports all levels. Levels far outside of the Ideal could be costly to balance and may indicate long term damage to the pool equipment
• Test the water for following:
• Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Borates, Phosphates, Salt, Total Dissolved Solids, Langelier Saturation Index, Copper, & Iron

PoolPro 50 Point Inspection Report & Repairs Authorization

Once our PCC-R certified technician completes the PoolPro 50 Point Inspection, an email will be sent with quotes to repair any deficiencies. Once authorized, PoolDocx will start work on the repairs as soon as possible. Repairs over $500 will require a 50% deposit prior to work being scheduled.