Pool Filter Cleaning Services

One of the most important, and most often overlooked aspects of any pool, is the filtration system. At PoolDocx we believe that beautiful water starts at the filter. Without proper circulation and filtration, your pool is a swamp waiting to happen.

PoolDocx recommends that your filters are cleaned at a minimum of every 6 months. More often than not, filters will need to be cleaned more frequently than this. Sediment & debris, amount of usage, filter size, leaves, specialty clarifying products, poorly maintained strainers & cleaners, and improperly balanced water all contribute to the frequency at which your filters will need to be cleaned.

What are some of the signs of a dirty filter?

  • Poor Water Clarity
  • Difficult to maintain water chemistry
  • Poor circulation (jets do not feel as strong)
  • Pump won’t fully prime
  • Filter pressure greater than 10 PSI over baseline

Some of the consequences of improperly maintained filters include:

  • Algae build up
  • Hazy or Cloudy Water
  • Excessive Chlorine Consumption
  • Overworked pump / Damage to the pump motor & seals
  • Excessive electricity usage

All of this adds up to a lot of additional money spent on chemicals, electricity, and unnecessary repairs.

To properly clean the filters, the entire filtration housing must be disassembled. Each filter element removed and individually cleaned and inspected. All O-ring seals must be cleaned, inspected, greased, and replaced if necessary. The filter housing will need to be drained, cleaned, and reassembled. Once the filter is reassembled, the system will need to be bled. DE filters will need fresh DE added to the skimmer.

PoolDocx offers filter cleaning service for DE and Cartridge style filters for $150 (+ tax)

  • Drain filter & disassemble filter housing
  • Remove filter elements, cartridges, and grids
  • Inspect filter all elements, cartridges, and grids
  • Wash and clean filters of debris
  • Wash out inside of filter housing
  • Reinstall filter elements, cartridges, and grids
  • Inspect and lubricate o-rings
  • Replace o-rings as necessary (exception being the primary seal, additional cost if damaged)
  • Seal system and properly tighten clamping element
  • Prime pump & bleed air from filter
  • Add fresh DE to skimmer (DE Style filters only)


PoolDocx also offers filter cleaning service for Sand style filters.

Please contact us for details and pricing.